Americana Annie: Road Trip Nostalgia

In June 2015 I was driving around the US of A in a giant Chevrolet called Arlene. This year I’m feeling nostalgic. ‘Ain’t No Trucks In Texas’ by Ronnie Dunn had heaps of radio time during the 10 week trip, and is my favourite of the country releases I heard. Others included sexist lyrics or weird aspirational propaganda such as, I’m gonna buy me a boat. So I’m playing Ronnie on repeat, while dreaming of wide straight roads, rest stops, and baking sun. I can also be mostly be found wearing my cowboy boots from dreamy shop, Allens Boots in Austin. They’re brown and red with dashes of turquoise, and make me feel like I can sing and play guitar.

Big thanks to travel writer and photographer Tui Snider for use of her amazing Texan truck pic for this post. Despite what Ronnie Dunn’s song title suggests, there are lots of trucks in Texas. I wish I was driving one right now.


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