Beardy Dreams

When I see huge beards on men I believe them to be in a North American indie/folk band.

First I need to clarify the beardy details. I don’t mean the kind of regrowth which indicates the hair owner hasn’t shaved that morning. Or even for a week, or a fortnight. I mean a proper beard which has required commitment, sacrifice and fortitude over months or years. A proper beard is pruned with patience, not cut in a crazed moment of frustration. Giving in to aggravation is not for this man. The huge beard wearer withstands criticism and insults from loved ones and even strangers. A friend of mine sometimes sports such facial hair for warmth during the wintry months in Wales. He has endured revulsion for his hairy attire; comments such as, “Shave it off, it looks disgusting”, thrown his way. This beard has a thick skin. It’s hardy. It’s long. It might have bits of food in it but the smell can be covered with cologne. And did you know that the word beard, when used as a verb, means to oppose boldly? So by definition, the beard is brave. You can use the verb like this: “I bearded my formidable opponent on the scrabble board.” Apply to suit your sport or situation.

The association I’ve created between beards of hardiness and North American indie/folk music is born from observation. I give the following examples:

Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses (Origin: Seattle)











Rolf Klausener of The Acorn (Origin:Ottawa)











Justin Vernon of Bon Iver (Origin: Wisconsin)










After such a gallery of facial fuzziness I imagine you’ll see my point. And these are just a handful of illustrations. A musical inclination toward the indie and hirsute has changed my view of the big beard forever. It matters not if you sing or play guitar. If you wear the beard of hardiness, I will, regardless, muse upon the musical wonders you weave and which Northern part you hail from. Let me dream that I pass multiple creators of songs lovely as The Great Salt Lake on a daily basis. I don’t want to know if, in actuality, you work as a civil servant and come from Aberbargoed.

Be fearless brave beard wearers, and keep on (letting me pretend you’re) making beautiful music in North America.


2 thoughts

  1. I used to have a big brown beard, I gave in and shaved it because I needed a job. It’s been a year and a job is not forthcoming 😛 Currently growing a long goatee for warmth, but I don’t have the skills or confidence to back up the awesomeness of a big beard 😦

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